The Happy Life

Dialogue from The Tudors, Season 4, Episode 4:

Surrey: It’s a translation in sonnet form, one of Martial’s epigrams.  That is, of course, the Roman poet but that doesn’t matter.  It’s about the happy life … the golden mean.

Brandon (reading Surrey’s translation):

The happy life be these I find:

The riches left not got with pain,

The fruitful ground,

The quiet mind,

The equal friend,

No grudge nor strife,

No charge of rule or governance,

Without disease, the healthful life,

Wisdom joined with simplicity,

A night discharged of all care,

A quiet mind.”

Brandon (continues): A quiet mind, a night discharged of all care, wisdom joined with simplicity.  My god, I wish these things were true.

Surrey: Which of these, your grace, do you not have?

Brandon: All of them.

Surrey: Then, you are like me and like all the Romans and all the barbarians and all the generations before us and all those yet to come.  For who does not wish for all their heart for the quiet mind?  Tell me a single soul who has ever found it?

View the clip:;feature=youtube_gdata_player


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