Best Checking Accounts

September 2, 2014

Wallet Hub’s 2014 comparison of U.S. checking account fees.


Handy Money Management Chart

September 5, 2011

Use this chart to figure out where you should stash your money and how you should invest it in view of your needs and your specific situation.  Sweet Benjamins – Money Chart – 09-04-11

Free Checking Is Still Available For Those Who Look

September 4, 2011

Make The Most Of Your Loose Change

August 31, 2011

Here is a great review of ways to get your coins into your savings account, including many that are FREE.  If you are a customer of Chase bank, you can take your coins to any branch and have them counted and deposited in your savings account at no charge.  Most credit unions will do the same.  Do get your coins rounded up and deposited into your savings account.  Don’t pay for coin counting unless you have no other choice!