Saving for Retirement – Sooner Is Way Better Than Later

October 22, 2011

Think about what you’ll have to show for  it if you start saving for retirement now and … Read the rest of this entry »


Free Money (Yes, It’s True!)

September 10, 2011

Does  your employer have a 401K or 403(b) retirement savings plan with a company match?  If so, read on to find about the FREE money you may be missing. Read the rest of this entry »

Handy Money Management Chart

September 5, 2011

Use this chart to figure out where you should stash your money and how you should invest it in view of your needs and your specific situation.  Sweet Benjamins – Money Chart – 09-04-11

Using “Zones”

August 22, 2011

One way to organize your financial planning activities is to start with Zone 1 (Cash Management) and then work your way through Zone 2 (Saving), Zone 3 (Credit Management) and Zone 4 (Investment).  Or, you can just skip around from Zone to Zone.   Either way, use the “search” feature to find all the blog posts for the Zone of  interest to you.

Introduction to “Zones”

August 22, 2011

Scientific studies show that people get a grip on their finances in stages, instead of trying to do everything all at once.  The first stage is cash management, the second is saving, the third is credit management, and the fourth is investment.

I  think of these as financial planning “zones” and have assigned cash management to Zone 1, saving to Zone 2, credit management to Zone 3 and investment to Zone 4.  Each post in this blog will have at least one Zone tag so, if you want to work in a particular Zone, you can find all the posts for that Zone by clicking on the tag in the Tag Cloud on the lower right side of this webpage.

Source: Jing Jian Xiao (Editor), Handbook of Consumer Finance Research (2008).