Automatic Savings Apps

October 15, 2014


Make The Most Of Your Loose Change

August 31, 2011

Here is a great review of ways to get your coins into your savings account, including many that are FREE.  If you are a customer of Chase bank, you can take your coins to any branch and have them counted and deposited in your savings account at no charge.  Most credit unions will do the same.  Do get your coins rounded up and deposited into your savings account.  Don’t pay for coin counting unless you have no other choice!

Round up Your Loose Change

August 24, 2011

According to the U.S. Treasury, we have $15 billion in loose change in our purses, pockets, homes, cars and other places where it is gathering dust!

So, as part of your savings plan, you should round up all of your loose change and put it into your savings account. Get in the habit of putting your loose change in a jar every night until it is full. Then, clear out the jar by depositing the coins in your savings account.

You’ll be surprised how quickly your coins will add up to “real money” and, instead of dust, you’ll be earning some interest on your change.